The Trump Midterm Maelstrom

Times journalists talk about the midterm elections.

Alexander Burns led a conversation with his Times colleagues at a crucial juncture of the most consequential Congressional campaigns in a generation.

What impact have the investigation into Russia’s election meddling and President Trump’s evolving relationship with Moscow had on attempts by Democrats to take back the House? How hard will the president work in these final weeks to preserve the Republican majority? What are voters telling pollsters, and do polls even matter?

Alexander Burns, a national political correspondent covering the campaign, spoke with White House reporter Julie Hirschfeld Davis, national politics reporter Astead Herndon, whose reporting has focused on grassroots political activism, Frank Bruni, and Op-Ed columnist for the Times and Nate Cohn, a domestic correspondent for The Upshot, a data-driven column that features the famous election-night digital probability needle.

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