TimesTalks Tech: Dan Doctoroff

A discussion on technological innovation in NYC

Rebecca Blumenstein, deputy managing editor of The New York Times, talks with Daniel L. Doctoroff, chairman and C.E.O. of Sidewalk Labs and former deputy mayor of New York City, about the 21st-century city and the technological innovations that can transform this vision into reality.

Sidewalk Labs, an Alphabet company, recently released a detailed proposal for a neighborhood of the future along Toronto’s eastern waterfront. It includes dozens of innovations — from thermal and advanced energy grids to a dynamic mobility network with heated bike lanes and next-generation street designs, from factory-based construction of mass timber buildings to a smart disposal chain that can help households and businesses recycle better. Learn more about how this ambitious proposal will not only improve affordability, sustainability and inclusivity in Toronto but also become a model for cities around the world.

A one-hour reception will follow.

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